Collections Care on a Shoestring – Part 1

Cutting costs but not corners

Collections Care Fundamentals

Look at where to focus budgets by doing the following:

  • Take stock of what you have and how much, what you’re buying, when opened and when used.
  • Some conservation suppliers such as CXD are expensive due to convenience – putting the time into sourcing items can be cheaper.
  • Consider the following:
    • Cheap vs. Value – look at the sustainability and think long-term;
    • Buy the most useful materials in bulk and consider splitting orders with other archivists;
    • Quality in contact – anything that comes into contact with an object should be a good grade;
    • Sustainable – products that last longer mean less waste and expense;
    • Have a wish list and think long-term;
    • When to call in professional advice – e.g. pest management will be required where objects become damaged. Some professionals can answer questions for free.

Most paper purchased from conservation suppliers normally adheres to the industry standards. However, when purchasing paper from elsewhere check that it meets the following standards:

  • Look at standards – ISO 97061994
  • Be Photographic Activity Tested – ISO 18916
  • Permanence, not degradable – ISO 111081996